Networks and CCTV

Our team has more than 20 years of experience in the installation and maintenance of networks of all kinds, including CCTV systems. Working with us will give you the possibility of having our practical knowledge at your service, guaranteeing the performance of network maintenance in the hands of professionals. The teamwork of our staff allows us to solve any problems that may arise, since we have the sum of the experiences and skills acquired in daily work and continuous training.

At Powersis we carry out installation and maintenance of computer networks of various types: LAN / WLAN / MAN / WAN. We carry out regularly scheduled visits to our clients in order to get to know their needs and their technological infrastructure extensively. This results in an advantage when proposing and providing alternative solutions to your needs.

We offer services of:

  • Design and installation of physical networks, structured cabling CAT 5, CAT 6 and CAT 7, maintenance, audits and certifications.
  • Switching, routing and electrical energy solutions for systems.
  • Design and installation of Wireless networks and point-to-point links.
  • Design and installation of single-mode and multinode fiber optics, audits and certifications.
  • Traffic management between networks and the Internet, QoS.
  • Network monitoring, traffic analysis and performance.
  • Server maintenance.
  • Design and installation of CCTV Systems, maintenance, preventive visits and corrections.

Preventive network maintenance consists of conducting visits in which the route of the structured cabling network is analyzed, in order to verify the resistance and correct operation of all components. We also check all the elements such as pipes, panels, boxes, connectors, etc. guaranteeing that all are in correct condition, allowing the correct operation of the network.