Microinformatics refers to the personal equipment that all corporate users use for the development of their professional activity. Having a homogenized microcomputer park guarantees better optimization of resources and rapid resolution of incidents if they occur.

Powersis is in charge of the use and study of all the computer equipment of your company. In this way, recommending that applications conform to those specifications, as well as recommending Software, Firmware and Hardware improvements.

We implement improvements that are recognized by our clients who choose us year after year as their main technical support. We know the importance of having a quality Microinformatics service, since it is a fundamental part for the development of the activities of the technological platform. Our Microinformatics service is adapted to the particularities of each company. We take care of the installation, maintenance and resolution of events related to the hardware and software necessary so that our technicians can carry out their activity under high quality parameters.

Obtaining benefits such as:

  • Improved business productivity.
  • Integration to new technologies.
  • Optimization of computing resources.
  • Improve the corporate image.
  • Reduces the maintenance costs of the computer park.