Why hire us?

We are a technology-based company dedicated to providing solutions in IT services. Project Management, design, planning and execution of projects. Outsourcing. Networks, maintenance of microcomputer equipment and energy solutions. Offering a global solution to companies, professionals, administrations and private users, throughout the national territory and in Latin America.

We have experiences in multiple industries, such as:

  • Health & Wellness
  • Bank and insurance entities
  • Construction and engineering
  • Food and Textile
  • Education
  • Government
  • Communications

Our Philosophy is to add value to the IT sourcing market anywhere in the country and Latin America, always focused on the complete satisfaction of our clients with the highest possible efficiency achieved by our professionals.

About us?

Support area

We provide support with specialized personnel throughout the country, solving the problem quickly and efficiently. Powersis Tecnologia has technicians in the most important cities of each Argentine Province, as well as in specific locations where our clients are located and in neighboring countries, thus reducing the time to resolve the incident.

Carried out by first-rate professionals, the Technical Support service can be provided in two different ways –Call On Demmand- whose objective is to attend specific cases as required and by –SLA- establishing indicators that can be measured to regulate the service we provide. and thus ensure compliance with the expectations of our customers.

We provide service: -On Site- or -Remota- of all our solutions

Our clients have a single incident management point where they can concentrate their technical solutions, within this solution all our services can be contracted. All the solutions are administered and controlled from our operations center, through the tools of control of incidents and projects, generating Proactivity and Integration in the market.

IT infrastructure

You need a technological solution. You need Powersis.

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