Project management

Currently, the constant challenges posed by a competitive, risky and changing environment; that organizations must face daily; they make the use of Project Management tools and techniques increasingly relevant. With these actions, it is possible to respond consistently to changes, manage risks, save costs and achieve your company's objectives, thus obtaining a substantial competitive advantage over the competition that does not use these practices.

At Powersis we offer Project Management service in all projects or services in the IT field of your company. We have specialized personnel who have more than a decade of experience in agile methodologies for the correct development and fulfillment of goals.

We deal with:

  • Organize and coordinate well all the parties involved in the project, from the client, top management and even the work team.
  • Keep an exhaustive control of the resources available to your company, and our workforce, so that the project is successful in all its implementation points.
  • Manage and set the limits of that project, this way you will avoid extra costs or poor quality of the project.
  • Lead the team in charge of executing this project, as well as the logistics if required. Supervise the tasks of each of its phases, to control that everything is going as planned.
  • Give alternative solutions in the event that things do not go as planned at first.


Delegate the hiring of the necessary IT personnel to create an ideal organizational structure in your company. At Powersis we specialize in finding the best professional for each company.

Together with our clients, we work at all stages of the selection process: profile definition, market study and analysis, recruitment, incorporation, adaptation and development. We provide training to develop their work, and create synergy. A motivating work environment for teamwork with existing staff.

In addition to being experts in hunting IT professionals, we offer a specialized team in the different business units: Commercial, Purchasing, Marketing, IT, Finance, Logistics and Deposit and product, among others, with the same quality and precision in the search process.