Contact center

Would you like to know more about your customers and increase your sales of products or services?

With our satisfaction survey service you can find out what your customers are saying and thus increase sales and customer loyalty.

Delegate the management of your outbound, inbound and blending campaigns in a Contact Center with 10 years of experience. Our team is trained to guarantee the best ratios and the best service to attend social networks, interaction through chat on your own website, email management, data collection and quality control.

Communication channels we offer:

  • Telephone : by means of telephone lists that are distributed among the different agents that are part of this Contact Center.
  • SMS: It remains one of the most effective promotional tools, since any phone is capable of receiving SMS. Bulk SMS sending is usually managed by automated software.
  • Chat: It is one of the most practical channels for the websites of most companies, since on many occasions customers prefer to ask their questions without having such personal contact with the agent, since they feel less pressured.
  • Email: Without a doubt, email is the main bulwark of any outbound campaign. They are usually programmed and sent in bulk, and communicate all kinds of information to customers, from recurring offers or promotions, to notices and reminders.
  • Social Networks: They allow access to a huge amount of potential public, as well as direct the efforts of the campaigns that the company wants to carry out specifically to the most suitable public, since they both allow geolocating a certain group of users within the most convenient geographical area, How to find users whose interests are related to the services and products offered by the company.